Engineering and Maintenance

  • Specialized Services that KQ can offer are as follows:

    a)    NDT (Non Destructive Training)

            This covers:

            i)    Liquid Penetrant Testing

            ii)    Magnetic Particle Inspection

            iii)    Eddy Current Testing

            iv)    Ultrasonic Testing

            v)    Radiography

            vi)    Tap testing

    View the NDT Brochure 

    b)    Paint Shop responsible for:

        i)       Aircraft and aircraft components painting

        ii)    Aircraft Decals and Placards manufacture



  • Maintenance workshop

    maintenance workshop

    We have Avionics workshop, Calibration centre, Wheels & Brakes Workshop ,Non Destructive Inspection ,Machine Shop ,Electro Plating,Sheet Metal workshop e.t.c

  • Technical Training School

    pride center

    We offer ;Basic Airframe System Jet Engines & Turboprop Systems ,Basic Aircraft Electrical Systems , Basic General Aircraft Instruments ,Basic Auto-flight & Control System , Basic Radio & Navigation